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#93 Have Mercy

Back in Allen Hall the Journalism building at the University of Oregon my senior year there was a short quote about creativity that some fellow advertising students cut out of cardboard. It was beautiful.

As I was cleaning my room I was struck by how much cardboard I had accumulated over the past 4 months, so I decided to cut it into something meaningful and tape it to my wall.

77739_10152096008278207_2420161266565710304_o Its an easy DIY as long as you have the cardboard and a sharp exacto knife. Now my letters are a little wonky but thats because I free-handed Wisdom Script instead of printing the quote and taping it to the cardboard base. You can obviously use any quote, I found this one on Pinterest (apparently it’s a song). But even though I’m not really religious it resonated with me.


#71 Star Trek Shoes.

This is my first pair of shoes that I have taken Sharpies to. Star Trek Shoes Toes Star Trek Shoes Heel Star Trek Shoes Arch Star Trek Shoes Outside

#34 Art is a Staple in Life

What do you get when you give a French artist inspired by the Renaissance a staple gun and a blank wall?                                                                                                                                                                      Hardcore Beauty.

staple gun art

Staple gun art

Staple gun art close up

Baptiste Debombourg created these works, Aggravure.